#23 Introduction to the New South Korean Government

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#23 Introduction to the New South Korean Government

July 20, 2022

Following last month’s successful in person event, join us on Wednesday 20th to discuss the impact of the new Presidency policies on the startup ecosystem.

A new president means a new policy, and South Korea's new government, the Yoon Seok-youl administration, is planning an economic policy focused on a free market economy with a strategy of "public-private cooperation".

The government is planning important reforms that will have a strong impact on startups. The legal system and atmosphere in South Korea is expected to change!

Four sectors have been selected by the new government : Energy and Display, Defense Industry, Content, with the objective of securing technology for leadership in the global market.

Come join us for an exciting event led by Phillip LEE who will share his expertise and knowledge in the matter.

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