#20 Innovation in Healthcare

French Tech Connect

#20 Innovation in Healthcare

November 23, 2021

In partnership with French Healthcare in Korea and Business France Korea, let's discuss innovation in the healthcare industry and hear about what is happening in France and Korea.

We invited French and Korean startups to present their solutions and will hear a bi-lateral view on the landscape in Korea.


- Kiel Kim, VP @SK inc, Bio Investment Center

- Regis Grailhe, Head of Technology Development Platform @Institut Pasteur Korea

- Kevin Choi, CEO @Medi Whale

- Gladys CORRONS-BOUIS, Sr Business Developer @EVEON

- Edgar SIMIU, Chief Sales Officer @MediReport

- Nicolas MIGNAN, President @VIRTUALISURG

- Youngsoo PARK, Director of global sales and marketing @VUNO

With: Solomon Moos, Director Asia @Eurazeo & President @FrenchTech Seoul


◆ Date : Tuesday November 23th, 7:00 PM KST / 12:00 PM CET

◆ Online: The Airmeet link will be provided before the event

◆ Language: English

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