#17 Startup cultures: attract and retain top talents

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#17 Startup cultures: attract and retain top talents

September 2, 2021

Inclusive cultures that rely on developing soft skills in organizations are being revealed as highly attractive. How could soft skills be a tool for startups' talent attraction & growth - what are the challenges in making it happen?

Attracting and retaining talent is a frequent challenge, for tech-based companies and wider. Developers, Product Engineers, Sales people, how can you compete with corporates and conglomerates with deep pockets?

You might be able to afford one or two all-stars in your payroll but beyond, it rapidly becomes untenable. There’s an area where start-ups can have a definite edge: a welcoming, human and inclusive culture.

Beyond words and promises, how can you actually do it and develop the sorts of soft skills that create strong and attractive cultures?


- Julien Lepetit, Head of Partnerships @Luminous

- Julien Lederman, Director of Corporate Development @Nano-Dimension

- Jason Minkee Kim, Head of growth and GTM strategy @Bigin

With: Ghislain Brun, Associate Partner @DHR International and Honorary Board Member @FrenchTech Seoul


◆ Date : Thursday September 2nd, 7:00pm-9pm

◆ Online: The Airmeet link will be provided before the event

◆ Language: English

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