#14 Female Founders in Korea

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#14 Female Founders in Korea

March 25, 2021

In the last report on Korea Startup Ecosystem by Born2Global, only 8.7% of startups are founded by women.

In La French Tech Seoul, gathering people from all backgrounds, interested in the tech and innovation scene in Korea and France, we can proudly say that thanks to our efforts on being inclusive and reaching out to a wide audience, over 30% of our members are women. In our board as well, we've made efforts to respect gender parity, with 5 out of 11 board members being women.

Still, that's not enough!

For us, advocating for women's empowerment in the tech and entrepreneurial scene starts by giving a voice to those who dare to create and innovate. For this monthly event, we'll have the chance to hear the insights of great female entrepreneurs from our community.

It will be a time to hear their experiences, their accomplishments, but also the obstacles they face everyday.


- Bosun KIM, cofounder of Asiance

- Joanne LEE, CEO & founder of Mediheroes

- Sophie Soowon EOM, CEO & co-founder of Adriel

- Catherine GERMIER-HAMEL, CEO & co-founder of Herost

- Sarah Sookyung HENRIET, CEO & founder of Soodevie


◆ Date : Thursday March 25th, 7:00pm-9pm

◆ Online: The Airmeet link will be provided before the event

◆ Language: English

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